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Mike Kowall is the leader we need to LEAD Oakland County today, and into the future.  It’s not just many Oakland County Residents that say this, it was also the words of our former County Executive L Brooks Patterson.

It was after his service in the Senate was completed that Brooks Patterson asked Mike to come help Oakland County.  Brooks said, “I want Mike to do for the County what he did for the State of Michigan.”  It was then that Brooks appointed Mike as the Legislative & Economic Development Liaison for Oakland County.

Brooks knew what Mike did as a Township Supervisor, where he developed an Economic Development Team that enhanced the economic value of White Lake by over $100 million, and resulted in 3,200 of new jobs in the area.

Most importantly, Brooks knew that Mike was instrumental in working with the Governor to turn Michigan’s economy around.  He was also known as a Senator that focused Detroit’s manufacturing companies on autonomous development. 

Mike’s Personal Story

Mike’s Grandparents were immigrants, and both  of his parents were born in Detroit, Michigan.  They raised three (3) boys and one (1) girl, and Mike was the oldest child of the family.  

Growing up, Mike focused on his studies, was a boy scout, a Navy Sea Cadet and helped his brothers and sisters.

Everything changed in third grade when Mike had some trouble concentrating on his studies because there was a young girl named Eileen in his class.  Over the next 13 years of school, prom and college that Mike asked Eileen to be his wife, and Eileen, knowing the man that Mike was, said YES!

Mike and Eileen are proud parents of two (2) daughters (Marissa & Stephanie).  As parents, they loved their daughters and stressed faith, education, dreams and good citizenship of helping others.  Both Eileen and Mike are loving Grandparents and love to spend time with their Grandchildren here in Oakland County!

Mike also focused on his family business of 65 years.  As a skilled Master Carpenter, and Cabinet & Furniture Maker, Mike was a respected small business owner here in Oakland County.  Mike owned the former Accurate Woodworking Inc of Waterford before he was approached by Brooks Patterson and Representative David Galloway to run for elected office.

It was Mike’s experience as a business owner, and his combined 14 years of voluntary service on the White Lake Township Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, that had many asking Mike if he would stand up and run for office.  Mike has always been known for his outreach, charity and approachability, so it was easy to see Mike elected and excel as a Representative in Lansing.

During his service in Lansing, representing a large part of Oakland County, Mike was recognized by Republicans, Democrats and Independent Groups as one of the most productive, transparent and citizen focused Legislators working for the people.  As a matter of fact, Mike was one of the Legislators that fought the Pensions and Perks of Elected Officials in Lansing.

After serving in the House, Mike was asked, and encouraged, to serve as the White Lake Supervisor, and then as one of five (5) State Senators serving Oakland County.  During his term in the State Senate, Mike was chosen by his fellow members as their Senate Majority Floor Leader.

As a Senate Leader, Mike made it a priority to honor our Veterans with multiple Veteran Remembrance Ceremonies throughout our State.

In short, Mike knows how to balance the financial, economic and employment needs of our state and our County.  And, he knows we need to take care of those who are unable to take care of themselves.  Balanced.  Thoughtful.  Nuanced.  Action.

Brooks knew what we know now.  If we want Oakland County to be a great place to live, work and raise a family, we need MIKE KOWALL for Oakland County Executive!


Mike Kowall


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